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Green Power: Credits & Endnotes


Editor: Chris O'Brien
Author: Matt Kittell
Responsible Purchasing Network © 2008

The following people provided input to this Guide and helped ensure quality and accuracy. RPN accepts sole responsibility for any errors or omissions. Affiliations listed below were current as of publication and do not imply organizational endorsement of this Guide.

Allison Buttel (Think Energy), Eric Coffman (Montgomery County, MD), Stuart Cooley (City of Santa Monica, CA), Mardi Ditze (Community Energy), Neil Howell (State of Wisconsin), Susan Kirby (Montgomery County, MD), Dave Konkle (City of Ann Arbor, MI), Todd Larsen (Coop America), Samantha Putt del Pino (World Resources Institute), Sean Sheehan (Center for a New American Dream), Jeff Swenerton (Center for Resource Solutions), and Eric Williams (Nicolas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, Duke University).


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MSNBCDrought could shut down nuclear power plants, January 23, 2008..
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