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Copy Paper: Credits & Endnotes


Lead Author: Mary Jo Snavely, Responsible Purchasing Network

Contributors: Matt Kittell, Responsible Purchasing Network; Kelly Panciera, Environmental Paper Network; Christina Moretti, Responsible Purchasing Network

Project Director: Chris O’Brien, Responsible Purchasing Network

Advisors and Reviewers: Ben Addlestone, Green Seal; Jeffrey Baer, City of Portland, OR; Cheryl Baldwin, Green Seal; Archie Beaton, Chlorine Free Products Association; Rachel Beckhardt, Environmental Defense Fund; Marcia Deegler, Commonwealth of Massachusetts; Stacey Foreman, City of Portland, OR; Darby Hoover, Natural Resources Defense Council; Susan Kinsella, Conservatree; Joshua Martin, Environmental Paper Network; Dave Michaels, EcoPrint; and Neva Murtha, Markets Initiative.


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