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Use the following calculators from EPEAT and ENERGY STAR to measure the impact of computers. The EPEAT calculator measures energy use, virgin material use, carbon dioxide emissions, air emissions, water emissions, toxic materials, solid and hazardous waste generation, and cost savings. The ENERGY STAR calculator focuses on electricity use and cost.

EPEAT - Electronics Environmental Benefits Calculator, Version 2.0
The Electronics Benefits Calculator estimates the environmental and economic benefits of purchasing EPEAT-registered products. This tool is currently designed to evaluate EPEAT-registered desktop (with a CRT or LCD) and notebook computers.  The University of Tennessee, with support from Abt Associates and Dillon Environmental Associates, developed this calculator tool under a cooperative agreement with the US EPA. Version 2.0 of the calculator was released in March, 2009.

ENERGY STAR - Life Cycle Cost Estimate for ENERGY STAR Qualified Desktop Computer
This calculator was developed by the US EPA and DOE and is provided for estimating the cost savings of ENERGY STAR qualified computers compared with non-ENERGY STAR computers. Actual energy savings may vary based on use and other factors.

ENERGY STAR - Low Carbon IT Savings Calculator
This calculator was developed by US EPA and DOE and calculates actual cost savings and carbon reductions based on which computers your organization buys, how you set the power management settings, and how you use the computers. Fill in settings and typical usage on the multiple worksheets and results will be calculated automatically and reported in dollars saved and pollution prevented.

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