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Survey of Procurement Officials in the Sweatfree Movement

December 05, 2007


The sweat-free movement seeks to generate significant market demand for products that are made in humane conditions by workers who earn living wages. The survey found that sweat-free purchasing is not the highest priority for most procurement officials. Environmental concerns, however, were ranked highest among 25% of respondents.

The relationship between purchasers and vendors is uneasy in the context of sweat-free purchasing. While only 40% said that vendors had reacted negatively to the purchasing policy, many procurement officials expressed concerns about the accuracy of information provided by vendors and desired alternative sources of information, such as a preferred vendors list.

Many sweat-free campaigns appear to have developed productive working relationships with procurement officials in their jurisdictions—70% of survey respondents said they had received feedback from advocacy groups about the sweat-free policy and many described their relationship with these groups as “positive” or “very good.”

SweatFree Communities is elevating the sweat-free movement to a level of broad public concern. Read more here.

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