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Green Seal CFL Standard Under Revision

November 26, 2007

Source: Green Seal, Inc.

Green Seal is revising its environmental standard for Compact Fluorescent Lights (GS-5). and inviting the participation of stakeholders to assist in the development of the revision of GS-5. The standards setting organization is soliciting suggestions and comments on these proposed revisions from the diverse stakeholders including producers, users, and general interest groups. Comments may be submitted through an online forum system. The forum will be closed for comments on December 21st and no additional comments will be accepted for the scoping portion of this project after this date.

To review and compare the current environmental standards for fluorescent lights and to browse the recommended product database, visit the Responsible Purchasing Guide for Fluorescent Lighting.

For more information on the proposed revisions and how to participate in the process, visit Green Seal’s Standards Development webpage.

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