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North American Green Purchasing Summit

November 06, 2007


RPN Steering Committee members, staff, and allies from all over the continent gathered on October 31 in Worcester, MA for the North American Green Purchasing Initiative's (NAGPI) 5th Annual Summit. Stakeholders from industry, NGOs, and government discussed needs, shared resources, and outlined a common set of goals, including opportunities in five key areas:

Information sharing

Training of green purchasers

Standards for more environmental product attributes and more product areas, and better and mroe simplified marketing of them

Research on purchaser needs and on the overall scale of the green purchasing movement

Policy research, education, and information sharing to identify the most successful policy strategies.

RPN will continue to address each of these areas through our existing programs and by exploring collaborative projects with partners engaged at the Summit. Stay tuned for details. RPN would like to extend our thanks to the Commission for Environmental Cooperation for hosting the NAGPI summit.

Pictured in the photo: (left to right, back row to front row) Karen Hamilton, King County; Jeffrey Baer, City of Portland; Stacey Foreman, City of Portland; Karl Bruskotter, City of Santa Monica; Eric Nelson, King County; Courtney Godwin, RPN Fellow; Matt Kittell, RPN Manager; Timothy Reeve, Sustainability Purchasing Network; Mary Peters, RPN Membership; Karin Borgerson, RPN Manager; Marcia Deegler, Commonwealth of Massachusetts; Elizabeth Eckl, EPE Consulting; Dimitriy Nikolayev, Commonwealth of Massachusetts; and Chris O'Brien, RPN Director.

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