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WEBCAST: Fluorescent Lighting

October 23, 2007

Source: Responsible Purchasing Network

Generating electricity for the United States’ lighting requires the equivalent of one hundred large power plants and releases more than 553 million tons of carbon dioxide. That energy use is linked to global climate change, air pollution and mining fatalities.

Beyond the energy implications, lighting products are manufactured with persistent bioaccumulative toxins, like lead and mercury, and produce tons of hazardous and solid waste at the end of their lives.  Social responsibility implications affect the workers who manufacture the lamps and those who work under the lights.

Join us for a national webcast on November 5, 2007, 2:00-3:30pm ET, as RPN launches its Responsible Purchasing Guide for Fluorescent Lighting. Learn more about how to purchase energy efficient and less-toxic lighting equipment that saves money, reduces environmental impacts, and improves conditions for workers, and get other tips on managing socially and environmentally responsible lighting systems. The Fluorescent Lighting webcast will feature:

  • Chris O’Brien, Director of the RPN. Chris, to introduce the new Responsible Purchasing Guide for Fluorescent Lighting;
  • Alicia Culver from the Green Purchasing Institute, to discuss the elements of an effective lighting equipment procurement policy;
  • John Katsorhis from New York Mayor's Office of Contract Services, to present NYC’s experiences implementing a successful responsible lighting program; and
  • An ENERGY STAR representative,  to explain its current CFL standard

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