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University of Alberta Implements Green Cleaning

September 19, 2007

Source: International Facilities Management Association

The University of Alberta has implemented a campus-wide green cleaning program called "Cleaning for a Healthy U." Its goal is to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and airborne particulates. The program was developed in conjunction with JohnsonDiversey, a manufacturer of certified green cleaning products and will earn University buildings points toward U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating.

"By switching to chemicals, processes and equipment proven to have a reduced impact on the environment, we are making a commitment to the environment, as well as the health of the students, faculty and staff at the University of Alberta," said George Thomlison, Manager of Human Resources and Procurement, Building and Grounds, University of Alberta. 

Last year, the University began using Green Seal approved products, reducing the amount of VOCs emitted by the chemicals used on campus. In addition it has updated matting systems, instituted an integrated pest management program, regulated chemical dispensing equipment, and installed new touch-free hand towel dispensers installed. This April, the University of Alberta installed HEPA-filtered equipment to trap and remove airborne particulates and improve indoor air quality.

For more information on how green cleaning and how it can contribute to LEED certification, see the Responsible Purchasing Guide for Cleaners or read other news about green cleaners.


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