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Los Angeles County Adopts Green Purchasing Policy

September 10, 2007

Source: Los Angeles County

A new policy passed by the Los Angeles County Purchasing Department establishes a range of objectives for purchasing recycled content and remanufactured products, energy and water conserving equipment, low-impact landscaping, and bio-based products. The policy also sets guidelines for conservation and efficient use of products.

Purchasing objectives of L.A. County's Green Purchasing Policy are to:

  • Conserve natural resources;
  • Minimize pollution and water and energy use;
  • Eliminate or reduce toxics;
  • Increase proportion of waste recycled; and
  • Work with suppliers to encourage life-cycle improvements.

The policy provides a definition of environmentally preferable products, assigns responsibility for implementing and tracking policy objectives, and lists purchasing criteria for a range of products.

A copy of the policy can be downloaded from RPN's compendium of green purchasing policies

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