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New Survey Indicates Companies Support Green Procurement

August 16, 2007


A new survey focused on company practices, policies, and plans for reducing environmental impacts associated with operations, reveals a green procurement trend. Conducted by EyeForProcurement, the study revealed that 50% of companies are employing policies focused on greening their supply chains. The belief that growth in greening supply chains will continue is almost unanimous, with 98% of participants stating they expect expansion. Results also indicate that customers from all sectors are increasingly demanding green products and services.

Sustainable procurement by study participants is mainly concentrated on packaging materials and raw materials used in manufacturing. Professionals surveyed indicated mixed motivations for these practices, including a combination of supporting their companies' environmental and sustainability strategies and a response to customer interest in green products and services.

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EyeForProcurement is an organization focused on procurement events and designed to help procurement professionals meet the challenges in today’s changing business environment. They will host the Green Purchasing Summit, November 29-30, in Miami, FL where RPN Director, Chris O’Brien will be presenting.

RPN, in collaboration with by TerraChoice Environmental Marketing Inc., and the North American Green Purchasing Initiative (NAGPI) of the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation, have an annual EcoMarkets Summary Report.  This publication reports on social and environmental attitudes and practices of North American institutional buyers. The 2007 report found much evidence supporting a green procurement trend.  For instance, 91% of respondents asserted that they considered green factors at least occasionally in their purchasing, while 16% report always considering these factors.  

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