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Xerox Launches "Green" Business Paper

August 09, 2007

Source: GreenBiz News and Environmental Leader

Xerox launched a business paper made with fewer chemicals and energy and half as many trees. Mechanical grinding systems make uses of 90% of the tree, whereas conventional chemical pulping uses 45%. The plant facilities run on hydroelectricity, cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 75%.

Further emissions are saved because the paper 10% lighter than traditional 20-pound bond paper.  Lighter weight reams save on shipping costs and mean 10% more sheets per pound, reducing the cost per roll or 500-sheet ream.

Though Xerox has overcome quality issues typical of mechanical papers, such as curling and dust, the paper is suggested for short-term needs as it yellows with age.  Xerox High Yield Business paper is predicted to be used for documents such as invoices and phone bills.  The company has yet to determine if businesses will buy a lower quality, though cheaper and greener, product for other applications.

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