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RPN and FOE Release Bee-Friendly Purchasing Report

January 25, 2017

Source: FOE/RPN

Expert Contacts:
Tiffany Finck-Haynes, Friends of the Earth,, 202-222-0715
Alicia Culver, Responsible Purchasing Network,, 510-367-3676
Media Contacts:
Kate Colwell, Friends of the Earth,, 202-222-0744
Buyers Bee-ware: Municipalities and Universities Lead Efforts to Protect Pollinators
New guide outlines steps purchasers can take to stop buying products with bee-harmful pesticides
(Washington, D.C.) — Friends of the Earth and Responsible Purchasing Network released a new report, Buyers Bee-ware: Municipal Purchasers’ Guide to Protecting Pollinators, which outlines how government agencies and institutions can change their purchasing policies and practices to protect honey bees and other pollinators.
Actions include:
  • Adopting a pollinator protection policy that includes a commitment to avoiding the purchase of pesticides and plants that contain neonics and other systemic pesticides.
  • Creating a list of approved or prohibited pesticides that restrict pesticides that can negatively impact honeybees and other pollinators.
  • Negotiating commodity contracts and service agreements that prevent suppliers from offering products containing neonics or other pesticides that are harmful to pollinators.
  • Creating pollinator-friendly habitat by planting wildflowers along rights-of-way, installing green/vegetative roofs, and transitioning to an organic land management system.
  • Buying certified-organic agricultural products such as produce, coffee, and cotton textiles.
“A growing number of local governments and universities are becoming alarmed about declining beepopulations and are using their purchasing power to do something about it. They are requiring their suppliers to provide them with plants, pesticides and building materials that are safe for pollinators, which are critical to our food supply,” said Alicia Culver, Executive Director of the Responsible Purchasing Network.
“More than 40 jurisdictions across the United States have adopted policies to eliminate pesticides harming pollinators and expand pollinator-friendly habitat on their property. We encourage all jurisdictions across the country to take similar steps to protect pollinators,” said Tiffany Finck-Haynes with Friends of the Earth.
More than 100 businesses, cities, universities, states, and countries worldwide have passed policies to restrict pesticides contributing to pollinator decline.
Responsible Purchasing Network is an international network of procurement and sustainability professionals dedicated to developing and implementing sustainable procurement policies, programs, and best practices. Formed in 2005, RPN is committed to leveraging the buying power of public agencies and institutions to create demand for safe and environmentally sustainable goods and services.
Friends of the Earth – U.S., founded by David Brower in 1969, is the U.S. voice of the world’s largest federation of grassroots environmental groups, with a presence in 74 countries. Friends of the Earth works to defend the environment and champion a more healthy and just world.

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