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New York State Issues Progress Report on Green Procurement

April 01, 2016

Source: State of New York

The State of New York’s Fourth Progress Report on State Green Procurement and Agency Sustainability (2014-2015) describes how it is meeting  sustainability and procurement goals under Executive Orders No. 4 (EO 4) and No. 18 (EO 18). EO 4 directs approximately 74 State agencies to measure and improve their performance in areas of sustainability, including procurement. EO 18 directs executive agencies to eliminate the purchase of bottled water.

Overall, New York spent $93 million on green products and services in FY 2014-2015, including 30% or more post-consumer recycled content copy paper, 100% recycled janitorial paper, re-refined oil, green computers, environmentally preferable cleaning products, green floor coverings, and solar electric systems.

More than 87% of reporting agencies consulted the green procurement specifications when making purchases in FY 14-15, but most did not report purchases of green products other than recycled paper. As New York’s green procurement program continues to mature, with more green contracts issued and better tracking systems put into place, reporting on green purchasing should become more robust.

Highlights of the report include:
  • 97% of agencies installed energy efficient equipment and appliances.

  • 81% use low-flow fixtures to conserve water use all or a majority of the time.

  • 79% of agencies responsible for cleaning at their facilities used green cleaning products all or most of the time. 69% follow practices to reduce the overall amount of cleaning product used, and 66% reduced the number of different kinds of cleaning products used.

  • On average, more than two-thirds (68%) of agencies bought at least some 100% recycled copy paper, and more than half (55%) of dollars spent on copy paper in FY 14-15 went to purchase 100% postconsumer recycled content, processed chlorine-free (PCF) copy paper. This represents a significant increase from the 22% of dollars spent on such paper in FY 08-09.

  • On average, two-thirds (63%) of dollars spent on janitorial paper in FY 14-15 went to purchase 100% recycled content paper, a significant increase from the 34% of dollars spent on such paper in FY 08-09.

  • During FY14-15, approximately $133.3 million in computers were purchased, and the State saved $139.6 million off of the State contract price by buying environmentally preferable computers.

  • Agencies have virtually eliminated the purchase of bottled water, except in emergency circumstances.

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