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Green Seal Revisions for Paint Standards Continue

August 01, 2007

Source: Green Seal, Inc.

GS-11 and GC-3—Green Seal's Environmental Standards for Paints and Anticorrosive Paints, respectively—are currently undergoing revision. As part of the revision process, Green Seal will consolidate GC-3 into GS-11.

Now that the scoping phase is completed, the proposed revised standard will open for public comment in August. Green Seal will be introducing a new online forum to submit comments, which will be available on the Green Seal website.

Green Seal will begin a waiting list of applications in early August for companies seeking paint product certification.  Green Seal will review these applications upon the issue of the final revised standard for paints and anticorrosive paints, which is anticipated to be released by the end of 2007. All products currently certified under GS-11 and GC-3 must meet the criteria in the updated standard, following its issue.

To review the current environmental standards for paint products and to browse the recommended product database, visit the Responsible Purchasing Guide for Paint.

For updates on this revision process, visit Green Seal’s Draft Documents page

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