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Green Cleaning Award Competition Now Open

June 25, 2007

Source: Green Cleaning Network

The Green Cleaning Network, Healthy Schools Campaign and American School & University (AS&U) magazine recently launched the Green Cleaning Award for Schools and Universities that will recognize exemplary green cleaning programs in educational institutions.

"The goal of the award is to identify and recognize schools and universities that have gone beyond simply making Green product choices," said Steve Ashkin, Executive Director of the Green Cleaning Network. "Although products are important, exemplary programs go much further -- they include policies, procedures, training, shared responsibility and other efforts that result in an effective cleaning program that minimizes harmful impacts on the health of building occupants and custodians, and on the environment as a whole."

For sample green cleaning policies and specifications, best management practices, and a database of certified products see the Responsible Purchasing Guide for Green Cleaners.

The criteria for the Award are modeled on The Quick and Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools, published by the Healthy Schools Campaign. Free copies of this comprehensive guidebook are available from the Responsible Purchasing Network. 

The competition is open to all types and sizes of education institutions. Schools may apply online through AS&U.  Award winners will be recognized in the December issue to over 65,000 American School & University magazine subscribers.

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