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New Purchasing Guide for Office Electronics Released

July 25, 2007

Source: Responsible Purchasing Network

Office equipment is responsible for up to 26 percent of energy use in a typical office building. Printers and copiers can contribute to indoor air pollution of ozone, volatile organic compounds, and particulates. Electronics waste currently comprises up to 5 percent of U.S. municipal solid waste and is expected to increase by 3-5 percent annually - nearly three times faster than the overall municipal waste stream. Forty percent of lead and seventy percent of heavy metals found in landfills, including mercury and cadmium, originates from discarded computers and other electronics.

The Responsible Purchasing Guide for Office Electronics addresses these problems by providing comprehensive, leading-edge guidance on the responsible purchase, use, and disposal of printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners, and multifunction devices. The Guide was produced with input from leaders in the environmental, procurement, and office electronics community.

The Guide includes:

  1. A brief executive summary;
  2. An overview of relevant social and environmental issues;
  3. A product listing of environmentally preferable office electronics;
  4. Best practices for procuring and using office electronics;
  5. A review of pertinent certifications and standards such as ENERGY STAR, EcoLogo, and the International Imaging Technologies Council;
  6. Examples of procurement policies and specifications being used by reliable institutions; and
  7. A list of the most important facts and statistics related to office electronics.

The Guide is available in both web-based and PDF form at


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