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Green-e Certifies Shell's RECs

June 26, 2007



The Center for Resource Solutions announced today that Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) offered by Shell Trading (Coral Energy Holding L.P.) are now Green-e certified. Shell Trading joins the network of renewable energy providers who offer products certified by Green-e, the nation’s leading certification and verification program for renewable energy.

RECs represent the power produced from renewable energy projects. These certificates offer customers the ability to purchase renewable energy nationally, whether or not their local utility or electricity marketers offer green power and without requiring purchasers to switch providers.

The "Green-e" Renewable Energy Certification Program, administered by the non-profit Center for Resources Solutions (CRS), provides quality assurance, consumer confidence, and marketing support to green power.  This program provides third-party certification and verification of renewable electricity products in competitive power markets, utility green pricing programs, and national REC markets.

A detailed examination of renewable energy products and certifications will be included in RPN’s upcoming Responsible Purchasing Guide for Renewable Electricity. The Guide will include sample policies and specifications, a searchable products database, and an analysis of leading industry standards such as Green-e.

The Responsible Purchasing Network is currently working with the State of Wisconsin and cities of Ann Arbor, MI and Cambridge, MA to set up renewable energy purchasing contracts. Contact Matt Kittell for more information on RPN’s energy program.

Click here for a copy of the Green-e Press Release.

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