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Oberlin College Cutting Grass and Emissions with Veggie Oil Mower

June 09, 2009

Source: Oberlin College

By converting its lawn tractor from diesel to waste vegetable oil from campus dining halls, the sustainability-oriented Ohio college is cutting emissions and fuel costs along with the grass.

The conversion was the idea of Oberlin Grounds Services Manager Dennis Greive and his crew. Greive believes it is one of the first such conversions by institutions of higher learning in the country. The project is supported by the Green EDGE (Ecological Design and General Efficiency) Fund, created in 2007 to encourage sustainability projects by students and community members.

The tractor conversion will reduce the College’s annual consumption of fossil fuels by at least 700 gallons and eliminate more than 14,000 lbs (7 tons) of CO2 emissions. Annual fuel costs will also be reduced by about $1500.

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