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New Calculators Quantify Benefits of Pollution Prevention

June 03, 2009

Source: Responsible Purchasing Network

EPA’s Pollution Prevention (P2) Program has developed two new calculators that can now be found in the Responsible Purchasing Guide for Green Power--RPN's guide to help institutions understand and compare green power based on sound analysis of environmental impacts and on concerns regarding cost, quality, and supply of green power. 

EPA's Greenhouse Gas calculator tool helps show the link between P2 efforts and GHG emission reductions. It uses established conversion factors to quantify GHG reductions from the following actions: electricity conservation, green energy, fuel substitution, greening chemistry, water conservation, and materials management. 

The P2 Cost Calculator tool helps calculate the financial dollar savings from implementing P2 activities. It covers reduction/conservation of the following: hazardous inputs and wastes, air emissions, waste discharges, water use, energy use, and non-hazardous inputs and solid waste. The P2 results database uses information from several sources when applying financial savings, including: direct cost savings as reported by the facility, state-specific calculators, regional calculations , and national calculations. Both color-coded spreadsheets have multiple tabs for different P2 programs that are linked to an aggregate page that displays the total GHG emissions or cost savings from each project.

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