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Cities Cutting Costs and Lowering Emissions With LED Lighting

June 01, 2009

Source: New York Times

According to a May 29 article in the New York Times, the future of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lighting is, well, bright. The declining cost and dramatically superior energy efficiency of LED lighting is bringing it out of the shadows and into mainstream use. 

Several North American cities, including Toronto, ON, Raleigh, NC, Ann Arbor, MI, and Anchorage, AK, already use LEDs in outdoor settings such as streetlights and parking garages.  Three major California cities--Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose--are also making the conversion.

LEDs are now moving indoors, as well, as more and more builders fit them into public buildings, offices and homes.  The directional white lights are even shining on the bluebloods of Buckingham Palace. Workers recently installed them in the palace's 60 foot high ceiling lights along the grand stairwell, and on the palace exterior, which now lights up using less electricity than it takes to run an electric teakettle.

According to a report by McKinsey & Company, converting to LED lighting is potentially the most cost effective of a number of simple approaches for using existing technology to cut emissions.

RPN is currently developing purchasing guides to address LED street lamps, exit signs, and traffic signals. Stay tuned for announcements regarding these upcoming guides!

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