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Las Vegas Reduces Fleet Emissions with Fuel Additive

June 25, 2007

Source: Pima Association of Governments

The City of Las Vegas, Nevada has reduced NOx emissions from its diesel-powered fleet vehicles by eighteen percent through continued use of an advanced fuel additive.

Dan Hyde, Fleet Manager for the City of Las Vegas, stated, "NOx emissions were reduced by 18 percent after using the XenTx™ Diesel Fuel Treatment in all of our biodiesel powered vehicles. XenTx™ Diesel Fuel Treatment also increased fuel efficiency by three percent . . . The increase in fuel economy more than off-sets the additional cost of using the product."

The move is one of a number of initiatives under way with the City of Las Vegas to decrease fuel costs and improve local air quality in compliance with Federal clean air regulations. The City of Las Vegas operates approximately 1,500 vehicles of which nearly 87% are alternative fuel vehicles, such as CNG, Biodiesel, Hydrogen and Hydrogen Blends, Clean Burning Gas and Hybrids.

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