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Louisville to Use Stimulus Funds to Buy Hybrid Buses

April 02, 2009



Louisville's Transit Authority of River City (TARC) plans to use funds from the federal stimulus package to make its bus fleet greener while creating jobs.

TARC'S Executive Director, Barry Barker, says Louisville is expecting $17.6 million from the stimulus, $5.37 million of which they will use to retire 10 old buses and replace them with hybrids.  Barker said purchasing the buses will also create 70 jobs, according to a formula based on discussions with engine and seat manufacturers and others. The bus manufacturer has already hired 30 people to prepare for its upcoming work on the buses. Barker said each hybrid bus uses about 3,000 gallons of gas less annually than the old buses.

TARC will also use the funds on projects like replacing the six football field-sized roof that covers its main storage garage, and installing solar panels on the new roof.  As quoted in an article for, Barker said "When I'm flying into Louisville, the planes generally come in over downtown and I can see our facility is this huge, expansive black tar. It aggravates me every time I see it, so if I could get it doing something productive, like producing electricity, I'll be a happy camper."

The State-by-State Transit Formula Program Table on the FTA website shows how much funding each state will receive from the stimulus bill.



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