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Philadelphia Businesses Embrace Green Office Practices

April 01, 2009

Source: Philadelphia Environmental Council, Philadelphia Business Journal


Thirty-three companies and firms from across the region have signed on as charter members of the Greater Philadelphia Green Business Program, an initiative of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council that asks businesses to voluntarily commit to green procurement and other green office practices.

Companies across the Philadelphia metropolitan area are making a public promise to change their daily business practices to reduce impacts on the environment. The Green Business Program's commitment focuses on a checklist of green operational practices designed for office users. Once a key company leader has signed the commitment, the company will be ranked as Basic, Silver, and Gold based on the number of green practices it has adopted.  The focus of the program is to help businesses save money while reducing energy consumption, water use, waste generation, and greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, in a March 24th press release announcing the launch:

The Green Business Program requires the implementation of seven Mandatory Measures and at least 20 additional, Elective Measures within six months of signing the Commitment. The program also asks businesses to renew their commitment every 12 months. Participating businesses will be provided with a checklist of green operational practices and will achieve either Basic, Silver, Gold or Platinum rankings based on the number of practices they adopt. By making simple changes to daily practices, companies can significantly minimize their carbon footprint and help reduce global climate change and protect our water, air and other natural resources.

There are a variety of measures businesses can take, including raising awareness of sustainability and environmental issues, reducing energy use at the office, engaging in purchasing practices that minimize environmental impacts, recycling, waste reduction and improved water management. Some specific examples include replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents or LED lights, installing "instant-on" hot water, purchasing paper with at least 35% post-consumer recycled content and using local businesses for products and services whenever possible, among many others.

Companies interested in learning more, or being admitted as charter members during the first 60 days, can do so by visiting the Greater Philadelphia Green Business Program website.



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