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Survey Says Most Employers Manage With the Environment in Mind

February 24, 2009


More than half of employers currently practice strategic environmental management, according to a new "Greening of HR Survey" conducted by a leading human resource consulting firm.

Ninety-three U.S. organizations responded to the survey, conducted by Buck Consultants.  They survey specifically looked at the types of "green" initiatives employers are using in workforce management and human resources practices.  Other findings:

  • 54% of respondents said they incorporate environmental management into their business operations
  • 78% use Web or teleconferencing to reduce travel
  • 76% promote the reduction of paper use
  • 68% implement wellness programs to foster employee's proper nutrition, fitness and healthy living.
  • Over 60% have made environmental responsibility part of their organization's mission statement

The survey found that employee involvement in green programs significantly increases when organizations appoint an individual to lead the efforts.

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