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June 21, 2007

Source: Citizens' Environmental Coalition

RPN Extern host, Citizens’ Environmental Coalition (CEC), published a guide to help consumers weigh various environmental and health concerns when it comes to planning, building, renovating, and redecorating homes.

The World at Home: A Household Guide to Building Green is a tool for anyone looking to green a home. In response to growing concerns about climate change, environmental quality and human health, the first two sections of the guide present issues with conventional building methods and products as well as outlines planning for space use, siting, building materials, and choosing green builders and designers.  Section III of The World at Home provides practical information on green building and renovating, on topics ranging from lumber to lighting.

“This is a guide for anyone and everyone. Most of us, at some point, will make decisions about our home environments, whether it be building new, renovating old rooms, or picking out flooring or paint,” says CEC’s Laura McCarthy, the guide’s author, “this resource helps consumers prioritize what’s important to them and pinpoint materials and strategies they can use.”

Readers from New York may find the list of sources for salvaged building materials and natural builders in their state especially useful. 

Download the free pdf copy of The World at Home: A Household Guide to Building Green from CEC’s website at CEC is a statewide advocacy organization which addresses toxic pollution clean-up and prevention by working with grassroots organizations, national collaborations and legislative officials. CEC has over 14,000 members and 110 member groups and coordinates the statewide “Alliance for a Toxic-free Future” working toward safer chemical policies.

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