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EcoLogo Seeks Comments for Revision of Paper Standards

February 26, 2009

Source: EcoLogo

The Responsible Purchasing Network wishes to pass along the following announcement from EcoLogo:

Review of EcoLogo Standards for Printing Paper: CCD-077 and CCD-078

February 19, 2009
EcoLogo, North America's most respected and established multi-attribute environmental leadership standard and certification mark, is currently reviewing its standards for Printing and Writing Paper (CCD-077) and Uncoated Mechanical Printing Paper (CCD-078).

This is the second public comment period and request for stakeholder comments.  It resumes a process begun in October 2007 that was interrupted by unforeseen delays.
The original Certification Criteria Documents can be downloaded here:
CCD-077 (Printing and Writing Paper)
CCD-078 (Uncoated Mechanical Printing Paper)

The newly revised draft Certification Criteria Documents (Draft 2) and the Briefing Note are available here:
Revised Draft CCD-077 and CCD-078 and Briefing Note 

This stakeholder consultation period will be open for 46 days beginning February 19, 2009.  Comments must be received by April 6, 2009.
Your time and input in helping us to establish the most stringent environmental standards are very much appreciated.
Please send all your comments directly to me at

Robin Duchesneau
Attn: CCD-077/078 - Paper
TerraChoice Environmental Marketing Inc.
Toll free: 1.800.478.0399 ext: 239
Telephone: 1-613-247-1900 ext: 239
Fax: 613.247.2228




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