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Wisconsin Issues RFP for Long-Term Renewable Energy Purchase

June 11, 2007

Source: State of Wisconsin

With assistance from RPN and Think Energy, the State of Wisconsin is soliciting bids for up to 180,000 MWh of renewable electricity on a 10-year contract.

The State is interested in signing a single or multiple long-term power purchase agreements with electricity providers that can provide renewable energy to the Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO) transmission system. The State will evaluate power purchase agreements up to 180,000 MWh, with 90,000 MWh deliverable by the end of 2007.

By purchasing this much renewable energy, Wisconsin will become the largest state purchaser in the country and will be in the top ten largest purchasers on the EPA’s Green Power Partnership. In addition, by contracting for 10-years, the State will achieve long-term electricity price stability while helping expand long-term investment in renewable energy resources.

Chris O’Brien, RPN’s Director, stated that “this RFP is evidence of Wisconsin’s commitment to a sustainable energy future. RPN is happy to be working with Wisconsin and Think Energy on this historic purchasing effort.”

Think Energy’s CEO, Mark Crowdis, congratulated Wisconsin and pointed out that “Wisconsin has laid a blueprint for success that other states can and should replicate.”

For more information, contact RPN's Energy Program Manager, Matt Kittell, at RPN (301-891-1004).

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