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Portland Releases Purchasing Case Studies

June 11, 2007

Source: City of Portland

The City of Portland, Oregon, a member of RPN and longtime environmental leader, released case studies that demonstrate the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of responsible purchasing.
These concise case-studies provide details of Portland’s purchases of the following products:

1)    Antifreeze – Recycled & Extended-Life
2)    Asphalt Release Agent – Soy-Based
3)    Crumb Rubber – Sports Fields
4)    Electricity Generation, On-Site – Wind
5)    Electricity Generation, On-Site – Biogas
6)    Inks, Print Shop – Vegetable-Based
7)    Lighting – Sports Fields
8)    Motor Oil – Rerefined
9)    Paint – Recyled Latex
10)    Parking Meters – Solar Powered
11)    Tires – Retreaded
12)    UV Filters – Pool Sanitation

PDF versions of these case studies can be obtained from the City of Portland website.

Detailed guidance on how your institution can achieve similar results can be obtained in RPN’s Purchasing Guide series.

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