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Green Seal Calls for Comments on Revision of Sanitary Paper Products Standard

January 27, 2009

Source: Green Seal

RPN received the following announcement from Green Seal: 

CALL FOR COMMENTS: Proposed Revision of Green Seal Environmental Standard for Sanitary Paper Products (GS-1)

Founded in 1989, Green Seal™ is an independent, non-profit certification and standard development body devoted to promoting environmental sustainability through standard-setting, product and service certification, and public education. The intent of Green Seal standards is to reduce, to the extent technically and economically feasible, the environmental impacts associated with the manufacture, use, and disposal of products.

In an effort to stay current with market trends, changing technology, and consumer demand, Green Seal regularly develops updates existing standards.  Since the issuance of GS-1 (tissue paper) and GS-9 (paper towels & paper napkins) in 1992 and 1993 respectively there have been scientific and technical advancements in identifying and improving the environmental life cycle of the products which has spurred Green Seal to developed a Proposed Revised Standard for Sanitary Paper Products, GS-1.

This revision seeks to create a more comprehensive standard for sanitary paper products by combining two formerly separate standards, GS-1 and GS-9. This revised standard covers facial and bathroom tissues, toilet seat covers, paper towels, and napkins which were covered in the original GS-1 and GS-9, with the addition of paper placemats and table coverings.

The Proposed Revised Standard is now available for public comment. The public review process is a key step to involve all stakeholders in the development of this standard. Green Seal welcomes and encourages all interested parties to provide comments on the proposal.

Comments will be submitted through an online forum system until February 23, 2009. To post comments on the on-line forum, one must register to use the forum. All users will be able to view all comments and the username of the commenter. Forum registration is open to all interested parties until the deadline. To register as a user and access the forum:

  • Click on the following URL:
  • Register an account; for the username please use first initial and full last name (e.g., J Smith); select “GS-1 Sanitary Paper Products”; include your organization (this will not be viewable by other users); review the disclaimer information; click Register.
  • You should receive a welcome email from the Green Seal Development Forum within one business day. Please take this time into account as the deadline approaches. Green Seal has administrative rights to the forum to ensure proper use of the online forum.
  • Post your comments in the appropriate section of the standard.

The proposed standard, the background document, and additional information on this project can be found at the project web site: GS-1 Sanitary Paper Products Revision

We look forward to working with you on this project and receiving your comments on the Proposed Standard. If you have questions you can email: or call 202-872-6400.

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