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Dr Bronner's and OCA Seek Clear, Accurate Organic Label Standards

December 08, 2008

Source: Organic Consumers Association

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, in concert with the Organics Consumer Association, has created a 5-Star Comparison & Ranking of U.S. and European “Organic” and “Natural” Personal Care Standards to help consumers understand and compare organic labels. 

Recently Dr. Bronner’s, makers of organic and fair trade personal care products, went to court to compel personal care companies and certifiers to drop or stop certifying deceptive organic label and brand claims. Last October, the company won round one in their legal battle when the San Francisco County Superior Court ruled that Dr. Bronner's can proceed with its lawsuit.

According to an article published on the UK’s Premium Beauty News website (reprinted here on the Organic Consumers Association site), “The multiplication of green labels and certifications and the lack of harmonisation at the European level are complicating the task of manufacturers who try to market their products internationally and of consumers wishing to buy eco-friendly cosmetics.”

In the meantime, Dr. Bronner’s, in concert with OCA (which sponsors a “Coming Clean” campaign promoting  organic integrity in bodycare products), has created a
5-Star Comparison & Ranking of U.S. and European “Organic” and “Natural” Personal Care Standards.” 

View the rankings
View the detailed spreadsheet concernng the rankings (Excel file)

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