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RONA's New Wood Products Procurement Policy Garners Greenpeace Praise

November 21, 2008

Source: Greenpeace Canada

Canadian home improvement giant, RONA, is being hailed as a "leader in forest sustainability" by Greenpeace for its new wood productsprocurement policy.  Rona's new policy "is the strongest we've seen in North America," said Richard Brooks, Greenpeace Canada's forest campaign co-ordinator. "It outlines the tools it will be using to require suppliers to embrace sustainable forest management." 

Greenpeace says that RONA's policy will lead to positive change on the ground in the forests of Canada and will hold their suppliers to a high standard. The policy gives purchasing preference to suppliers who work for the conservation of ecological and cultural values of forests.

The policy includes a clear preference for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood products and the adoption of a realistic timetable for increasing the company's purchases of FSC certified lumber. According to Greenpeace, Rona's approach also supports the protection of high conservation values and endangered forests, and will help the company avoid suppliers who have a negative impact on forest health.

"The protection of intact forests must go hand in hand with adopting FSC certification. This is a strong policy because it deals with both pieces," says Brooks. More than two thirds of Canada's commercial Boreal Forest has already been fragmented and degraded by development. Intact forest areas store more carbon than fragmented areas and are best suited to mitigate the impacts of climate change.


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