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Green Seal Launches Laureate Program to Recognize Green Companies

November 06, 2008

Source: Green Seal

Environmental certifier and standard setter, Green Seal, has launched a new Laureate Program to recognize and grow the most sustainable companies in the US.

According to Green Seal,  "In an economy where green is the new buzz word, misleading claims (greenwashing) are not only discouraging for customers but dangerous for brand integrity. Solid proof of sustainability is key. Green Seal identifies and recognizes companies that are truly environmentally responsible."

In keeping with Green Seal’s long-standing approach to environmental recognition and product labeling, acceptance into the Laureate Program is open and transparent. Requirements are lifecycle based and focus on areas such as energy use, air and water impacts, waste, and toxic chemicals. A company’s key product lines must be certified where environmental standards exist for those products. Laureate recognition is not a one-time award, but a rigorous program that involves regular monitoring to ensure ongoing high performance.

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