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EDF Website Lets Purchasers Buy Carbon Offsets With Confidence

September 15, 2008


Environmental Defense Fund has launched a new website,, to help institutions and individuals identify and purchase carbon offsets linked to tangible, trusted projects.

EDF, in collaboration with a committee of external science and policy experts, conducted a careful review of potential carbon offset projects to feature on The site currently identifies 11 pre-screened, independently verified offset projects ranging from those which capture and destroy methane from landfills and dairy farms, to those reducing emissions at truck stops across the country.

According to EDF, the organization has no financial interest in any of the featured projects, gets no benefit from transactions initiated through their site, and accepts no funding for the site from corporate partners.  EDF is currently evaluating additional projects and expects to add new projects to the site once these reviews are complete.


Purchasing carbon offsets from a trustworthy source is a sound way to lower your carbon footprint.  Before purchasing offsets, however, look for ways to reduce your overall energy use.  RPN’s Responsible Purchasing Guides—covering fleet vehicles, office electronics, and more, can help.

Also consider zero- or low-carbon greener power sources for your energy needs. For advise on green power options, see RPN’s Responsible Purchasing Guide to Green Power. This guide is designed to help institutions understand and compare green power based on sound analysis of environmental impacts and on concerns regarding cost, quality, and supply of green power.  The guide covers both electricity procurement from grid-delivered green power and renewable energy certificates (RECs).

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