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New Website Lets Purchasers Pinpoint Responsible Paper

August 13, 2008

Source: Environmental Paper Network, a new website sponsored by the Environmental Paper Network, uses Google Maps to help paper purchasers find responsible pulp mills.  Launched August 12th, uses Google Maps to help purchasers locate responsible pulp mills around the world. 

For each mill included in the database, the site provides capsule reviews of that mill’s social and environmental performance on a range of  issues--such as use of endangered forests, certification, and bleaching technology.  Red, Yellow, or Green Light ratings are given for each issue area.  Green Light ratings indicate adoption of the cleanest technologies and responsible fiber sourcing through credible forest certification.  Red Light ratings designate unsustainable practices or conflict with local communities or workers. The ratings are based on conservation criteria laid down in the Common Vision for Transforming the Paper Industry document (which New American Dream helped develop prior to launching the Responsible Purchasing Network) and supported by information provided by local conservation organizations or other stakeholders based on credible evidence.

"Knowing what's in your paper is critically important and this application of Google Maps is a powerful way to give paper purchasers the chance to make an informed, responsible choice," said Joshua Martin, Network Coordinator, Environmental Paper Network.

" will drive change in an industry with a huge impact worldwide. We will continue to update data on the site, and provide greater details about mills and Endangered Forests. Borealis welcomes input from all stakeholders that will help the service be more complete, accurate and more useful as time goes," said Jim Ford, a Senior Researcher with the Borealis Centre for Environment and Trade Research, which developed the site's database.


In addition to, the Environmental Paper Network will be launching another new website on August 21:  The Responsible Purchasing Network worked with EPN to help develop a suite of paper purchasing tools that will be available on this new site. To get a preview of some of these tools, download the PDF version of the Responsible Purchasing Guide for Copy Paper. The guide is a comprehensive resource for purchasing green copy paper and keeping costs down. Learn about social and environmental issues; best practices; cost, quality, and supply; and environmental standards. Download leading policies and specifications.

Click here to view the Responsible Purchasing Guide for Copy Paper

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