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Minnesota Saves Money on Green Paper

July 24, 2008

Source: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

The State of Minnesota converted a substantial portion of its copy paper to 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) copy paper and saved money in the process. Last August, the State of Minnesota entered into a new contract with its vendor that called for the share of 100% PCW paper used by the state to rise from 4% of the total to a whopping 39%. Minnesota was able to make the switch, in part, by negotiated a price per ream for the 100% PCW paper that was actually cheaper than that of either the virgin paper or the 30% PCW paper included in the contract. The state also implemented various paper saving measures that reduced their overall copy paper consumption by 7%.

These measures not only saved Minnesota money, but resulted in big environmental savings, as well.  Together, the switch to green paper and the conservation measures cut greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of nearly 978,000 pounds carbon dioxide, wood use by more than 1,100 tons, solid waste by 230 tons, waste water by 3.7 million gallons, and resulted in a number of other reductions in pollution and waste. 
Want to follow Minnesota’s lead?  The new Responsible Purchasing Guide for Copy Paper is a comprehensive resource for purchasing green copy paper and keeping costs down. Learn about social and environmental issues; best practices; cost, quality, and supply; and environmental standards. Download leading policies and specifications.

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RPN hosted a July 22nd webcast on copy paper, with presentations from Susan Kinsella of Conservatree, Jeff Baer from the City of Portland, OR, and Mary Jo Snavely of the Responsible Purchasing Network (RPN).

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