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Mayors Propose Resolution on High Carbon Fuels

June 09, 2008

Source: Natural Resources Defense Council

The Natural Resources Defense Council is calling for support for a resolution, to be voted on at the June 20-24 U.S. Conference of Mayors, to examine the environmental impact of high carbon fuels.  The resolution was submitted by Mayors Piercy of Eugene, OR, Newsom of San Francisco, CA, Blum of Santa Barbara, CA, and Cownie of Des Moines, IA.  The memo from NRDC concerning the resolution is attached below:


Support Mayors' Resolution on High Carbon Fuels

From June 20-24, the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) will convene in Miami to adopt sets of resolutions on topics such as energy, the environment, community development, transportation, and urban policy.  This year, Mayor Piercy of Eugene, Oregon with the support of Mayor Newsom of San Francisco, Mayor Blum of Santa Barbara, Mayor Cownie of Des Moines, and the Natural Resources Defense Council, has put forward an energy resolution that will push for the creation of lifecycle fuels emissions analyses that will provide cities—and the federal government—with the information they need to understand and deal with the global warming emissions from the production of synthetic fuels such as tar sands, liquid coal and oil shale.

In total, the Mayors’ high carbon fuels resolution:

  • supports federal legislation that prohibits government use of unconventional or synthetic fuels with lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions greater than fuel from conventional oil sources; 
  • encourages fuel lifecycle emissions analyses that include production emissions;
  • supports Federal and State guidelines for tracking the origin of various types of fuel; and
  • encourages mayors to track and reduce lifecycle emissions from their city’s municipal vehicles, paying special attention to the use of unconventional and synthetic fuels. 

Please support this important climate effort by emailing or calling your mayor’s office and telling them to “Vote for Mayor Piercy’s high carbon fuels resolution at this year’s USCM Conference.”  To find out the mayor of your city, visit the USCM website and use the “Meet the Mayors” search box.  To see a copy of the proposed resolution please see the USCM’s recent memo.

Emailing your mayors’ office will help ensure that the U.S. draws the line at development of fuels which threaten to negate our climate initiatives through even higher global warming pollution emissions. 

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