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HEV Calculator Updated with 2008 Model Year Vehicles

March 06, 2008

Source: Responsible Purchasing Network

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle Calculator is now updated with 2008 model year vehicles and new emissions factors. Use it to compare operating costs and emissions of hybrid electric (HEV) and conventional vehicles. The calculator includes purchase price, fuel costs, repair and maintenance costs, resale value, and applicable tax incentives, and calculates expected lifetime costs for both vehicles, as well as cost and emissions savings from HEVs. 

The Hybrid Calculator was developed in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Vehicle data are provided by Vincentric, LLC, and conventional emissions factors were provided by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

For more information on hybrids and other ways to make your fleet greener and more efficient, see the Responsible Purchasing Guide for Light-Duty Fleet Vehicles.

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