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Green-e to Begin Certification of Carbon Offsets

February 21, 2008

Source: Green-e Climate

Green-e Climate is ready to begin certification of greenhouse gas emission reduction products for the purpose of providing carbon offsets to the public. Green-e Climate is a program of the Center for Resource Solutions. 

According to the Green-e Climate website:

Green-e Climate is the nation's first certification program for carbon offsets sold to consumers on the retail market. This consumer-protection program strengthens the voluntary market by providing credible oversight and transparency to retail greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction products (offsets), from beginning to end. Consumers purchasing Green-e Climate Certified offsets have clear information about the projects their GHG reductions are sourced from, and are guaranteed that no one else can claim their offset. The program verifies that a seller's supply of offsets equals their sales, that GHG reductions are independently certified, and that consumer disclosures are accurate.

Green-e Climate Certified GHG emission reduction products must contain only real, measured, permanent, verified, and beyond business-as-usual GHG emission reductions. Green-e Climate is intended to complement—not replace—mandatory GHG emission reduction regulations.

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