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Staples Cuts Ties to Suspect Paper Supplier

February 14, 2008

Source: Wall Street Journal

Office supply giant Staples has severed all contracts with Asia Pulp & Paper out of concern for the company’s rainforest logging in Indonesia. According to Mark Buckley, vice president for environmental issues at Staples, “We decided engagement was not possible anymore. We haven't seen any indication that APP has been making any positive strides.” Buckley added that it would constitute a “great peril to our brand.”

Asia Pulp & Paper is one of the world's largest paper companies. Staples had been sourcing about nine percent of its total paper supply from APP, using APP paper for its store brand photocopy and office paper.  Staples is the latest office supplier to abandon APP.  RPN member company, Office Depot, has also stopped buying from APP.

Logging in Indonesia has been of particular concern because of its potential to exacerbate global climate change. Indonesian forest destruction, in particular the fires set to clear logged areas, have resulted in massive greenhouse gas emissions—enough  to make Indonesia the third largest emitter of such gases, behind the U.S. and China. Local officials are seeking ways to stem the deforestation in order to qualify for carbon credits potentially worth billions of dollars.

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