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Purchasing for Climate Protection Webinar, featuring Now Available
RPN Members now have access to the webinar slides and recording, which featured useful strategies on how to cut greenhouse gas emissions through purchasing. More More
Nova Scotia Bans Bottled Water
Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter used the annual convention of CUPE Nova Scotia to announce his government is committed to a ban on the sale of bottled water in all provincial facilities that have potable water. More More
Bottled Water Ban at Brown University
Brown University became the first Ivy League school to pledge to stop using bottled water. Within a year, the school hopes to reduce bottled water usage from 250,000 bottles to 0. More More
Chemicals in Our Food, and Bodies
Your body is probably home to a chemical known as Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical commonly used in plastic water bottles. Although the science isn't conclusive, there might be reason for concern. More More
Sign Up for RPN Webinar on Bottled Water Alternatives for Universities
RPN will host a Bottled Water Alternatives for Universities webinar on October 29 to herald a new university edition of the Responsible Purchasing Guide for Bottled Water Alternatives. More More
Santa Rosa Promotes Rainwater Harvesting
The City of Santa Rosa urges residents to utilize the gifts of nature through a new rainwater harvesting water conservation program aimed at helping offset the cost of rainwater storage equipment for home and business owners. More More
Bottled Water Scam Finally Feels Squeeze
We don't miss the water when the cash runs dry. Bottled water, that is. That refreshing news came recently as Nestle reported nearly a 5 percent drop in bottled water sales in North America and Western Europe. More More
Washington U. Unveils One of America's Greenest Buildings
At the end of May, Washington University in St. Louis--a member of RPNRPN--officially opened its new Living Learning Center, a building on the cutting edge of sustainable design. More More
Clark County, WA Breaks the Bottled Water Habit, Saves Money and Resources
Working with RPN, Clark County is shrinking its ecological footprint and saving an estimated $15,000 annually by eliminating the purchase of bottled water and water jugs by county departments and agencies. More More
Growth in Bottled Water Industry Starting to Drain
The bottled water industry is slowing down, thanks in part to increased awareness about the ecological and economic costs of bottled water. according to the Worldwatch Institute. More More
New Guide Helps You Break Bottled Water Habit
The Responsible Purchasing Guide to Bottled Water Alternatives will help your organization break the bottled water habit. Download the guide today and watch the webinar video online. More More
Bottled Water Alternatives Webinar
Bottled water is expensive and resource intensive. Tap water is safe, inexpensive, and readily available.  Register today for this free August 26 webinar to learn more.  More More
Seattle Reins In Bottled Water
Seattle's Mayor Nickels is promoting a “drink up” campaign to get city residents to turn from environmentally damaging bottled water to tap. More More
Think Outside the Bottle
Register by July 17 to obtain free bottled water resources and apply for pro bono assistance from RPN to help you reduce waste, save money and conserve water by eliminating or reducing unnecessary bottled water purchases. More More
Break the Bottled Water Habit
RPN invites you to kick the bottled water habit.  Learn how to reduce waste, save money and conserve water by eliminating or reducing unnecessary bottled water purchases. More More
Coin Laundry Association Partnership Offers Climate-Friendly Posters
The Center for a New American Dream is excited to announce a new partnership with the Coin Laundry Association, the national trade organization servicing the coin-operated Laundromat industry. More More
Break the Bottled Water Habit
Americans bought a total of 8.3 million gallons of bottled water in 2006, much of which was sold in single-serving bottles and multi-gallon water cooler bottles. More More
San Francisco Bans Bottled Water at City Offices
San Francisco’s Mayor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order prohibiting city departments and agencies from buying bottled water. Data show that 40 million gallons of oil are needed to make the plastic water bottles Americans purchase each year. In More More